Security Automation

Security Automation

Our Vision

The security state of large and complex IT infrastructures can be reasonably managed only through automation.  Automated technical security compliance verification, monitoring and remediation is the key to more transparency and efficiency for the security organization. 

Our Service

The enterprise corporate policy framework defines the  requirements than need to be met in order to achieve the goals. Cascading down the levels of the framework refines those requirements answering WHY, WHAT and HOW to achieve those.

This builds the foundation for the security automation that should effectively ensure compliance with the policy requirements at large scale across the enterprise IT landscape.

We help our customers achieve automated compliance throughout the life cycle of the systems - from the deployment stage, through monitoring in production stage to decommissioning.

Our expertise in technical compliance stretches across the technology stack - from configuration compliance on hyperscalers (AWS/Azure/GCP), over to network device, hypervisor, OS, database and application configuration compliance.

In order not to introduce a new automation management tool in your environment, we can leverage the already available automation infrastructure of the operations team.

The ultimate purpose of automation is large scale and efficiency. Your organization can become even more efficient extending and mapping the automation security controls to your ISMS controls, thus providing automated ISO/SOC or any other targeted certification compliance reporting. In our experience mapping technical compliance controls to ISMS controls leads to near zero preparation time for external audits who in turn have very high confidence in the audited controls. Together with you we will assess which ISMS controls are potential automation candidates and map those accordingly.