About Us

WALLSEC - The Walldorf IT Security Experts

Who we are

We are a group of IT Security experts with extensive hands-on experience. We have worked for and consulted large enterprises throughout our professional careers and are passionate about applied and relevant IT Security. We understand the worries of the security officers and the burdens of operations.

What we do

We focus on our strengths where we can provide most value to our customers and this is the field of SAP® Solutions and CI/CD Build Pipeline security. We help customers understand and redline responsibilities in the Cloud, integrate securely on-premise and Cloud environments and ensure secure consumption of Cloud services.


Peter Todorov

  • OSCP and CISSP certified

  • 15+ years of experience in IT Security

  • 8 years of experience at SAP SE as a Cloud Security Architect and Security Expert

  • 200+ Audits and security assessments

  • 100+ hardening benchmarks

  • 13+ years experience in IT Security consulting

Peter graduated in 2007 from the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany, where he found his passion for IT Security while working for the Fraunhofer SIT (Sichere Informationstechnologie) research institute. After a career in IT Security consulting for 5 years, he moved on to the software technology sector and in 2012 started working for SAP SE as a Cloud Security Architect for different SAP offerings such as SAP® HANA Enterprise Cloud and SAP® SuccessFactors®. He managed the internal security policy framework and created hardening standards for internal operations. In his security advisory role, he created numerous security and authorization concepts, and performed over a 100 technical security audits on internal systems and CI/CD build pipeline landscapes. After a successful career with SAP in 2020, he moved on to found WALLSEC GmbH where he works as a Principal Consultant in service of his customers.